4 Keys to Maintaining Sexual Health Naturally & Holistically

Everybody wants to maintain good sexual health. But so much information is available, it can be overwhelming to sort through it all. It’s helpful to have a general idea of what you’re trying to do, so you have a method for mentally sorting the details. Here are four ways you can support your sexual health naturally and holistically.

1. Eat Right

This should, perhaps, be obvious. It’s easy to forget, though, the extent to which a good – or bad – diet can impact our health. Not only will a basically healthy diet build up the general health that provides an essential foundation for good sexual function, certain nutrients particularly effect the sex organs and reproductive system. A good diet helps provide sufficient quantities of these nutrients.

2. Supplement Well

Depleted soil and food that travels long distances to reach us, among other factors, can keep even the best eater from receiving sufficient nutrition from food alone. Supplements are designed to correct this lack. Supplement with those nutrients essential to the proper functioning of your reproductive system for optimal performance in this area.

3. Live a Healthy Lifestyle

A variety of lifestyle factors can influence sexual health. Drinking enough water and getting enough exercise are basics that contribute to overall health. They can play more direct roles, as well. For instance, a dehydrated woman likely won’t produce much natural lubrication, and lack of exercise will decrease flexibility and stamina. Wise sexual behavior will, obviously, have a significant impact on sexual health. Perhaps less obvious is the need for good stress management. Excess stress can mess up any number of things, including hormonal balance.

4. Use All-Natural Products

When choosing products to enhance this area of your life, such as personal lubricants, be careful to seek out those which are all-natural. We don’t want to fill ourselves up with unpronounceable chemicals. Moreover, what goes on our bodies eventually ends up in our bodies, so even topical products should be natural.


These may all seem obvious – and, indeed, I hope they are!  But it’s good to be reminded of the basics now and again. And considering these essential factors as an outline can provide a mental framework for plugging in new information.